Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Sunset Painted On The Moon

Who could ever fall in love with a girl like you?
Does your blood peach eyes, catch my attention, the way others should picture your beauty?
You come to me in the depths of the autumn season.
As your blushing beauty sweeps my heart away like a blissful summer night.
...Sad to say, you leave my heart torn to pieces.
As my soul is filled with sorrow...for you my love.
I watch the selfish night skies swallow you up in the distances .
... So I whisper to you these fainting words among the hollowing beach winds.
“As we will meet again like true lovers underneath the stars. I wouldn’t say goodnight without a goodbye kiss. To what you are my love... is a sunset painted on the moon.”

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Mother's Lullaby

The Sky...
One of the many loving mothers of the earth itself.
Ever so emotionally she can be...
Just as happy as it wants to be when the sun is shining.
Or just as sad when it rains.

But today is not like any other day for her...
Her blissful winds turn to chilling whispers.
Her clouds were darker than any other.
She... She was giving birth.
So beautiful...
And so shy... Her newly born children were.
Dancing gracefully, like white rose petals, throughout the night.
Singing along with their mother’s lullaby.

With time, her children leave the nest.
With the blink of the eye, their all grown up.
Uncertain to their fate.

My hands reached out to her children... held with death.
As they melted away to the last notes of their mother’s song.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Strawberry Poet

Strawberries are sweet, but also bitter.
Lushes like childish fruits
Filled with a bowl of lovely red sunflower kisses.
Would that truly be the intelligence, to something so heavenly?
Or would it truly be the intelligence, to somethings so devilish?
I grow them with taste, which never go to waste.
Lick your lips and ask for more!
As this is my garden.
From your hearts to your souls.
I have the the spices to make you warm, but not cold.
I am not an apple and neither a cherry.
But I will stand to say, what I truly am.
I am that ever so sweet, yet that ever so better.
“So what are you?” You would say.
Under my blushing red skin, and grass green hair.
Simply saying “ I’m a Strawberry!”

Bio: I can't really say where the idea of this poem really came from, yet plainly said I think had the craving for the fruit itself.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The trade without time
Shows us that we have grown old together
As friends
Not lovers
My cold December
To your summer’s rain
Fit together
Like we were each other's Yin and Yang
To the end of time
Through heaven and hell
From years before
To the missing pieces of life and death
As some times, we fall in place
More than what any other friend can be
I give you not a huge, but rather a kiss
Only wishing we can be more than, what is that friends are ment to be...

Bio: One of my early poems. From my high school year in 10th grade. I wrote this when I found myself slowy falling in love, with my female bestfriends...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Pardox Between Life & Death

Death? We as people fear and run away from the idea of it, like a plague. Yet people turn to religion when they are unaware of what the afterlife holds. God becomes our symbol of faith, under misused laws we abuse. People, yet too shy to see what a paradox life and death can be. As death is the birth of life, and life is the birth of death.

Without Love,
-The Poet

Bio: "The Pardox Between Life & Death" is the opening poem, use in Romance. This poem gave the chance to touch on my idea's on life and death. Which many people may have the same ideas, when it comes to life and death; or just people in genreal.

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Dear Rose

"Under the noir night skies, and plum dawn mornings-Her voice sing like saukra petals, dancing against my heart-She dichotomy me from my first love, where Death became my second. Absolve my sins and make me whole again, my Love. Drink my heart away and let the Devil wacth with his cold loney eyes.- I want to live, but I also want love again. But only your tautning eyes, will lay lushes agaisnt my lips."

"My Dear Rose"
-The Poet

Bio: This poem, is a piece I wrote for my novel; I'm currently working on called Romance. Next to the idea of this poem felt differnet, something new but old at the same time when it comes to my stlye of writing.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Never Say Forever

Radio wave effects

In its icky stares

Where she spoke of passion within those words

Of her voice

Wasted in the killing lights

Between the wants and the needs

Of rejected love

Haunts the healing heart

Never to feel alive

Under the holiday of love

Judges among the images

Without compassion for my soul

I am born in its face

With a lifestyle that is mute to others…

I am all alone…

Walking beside the garden of hopeless dreams

Searching inside this empty grave


For her love to come back